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27th January 2012 - Well its finally reached a new year, think i better crack on! lots of new opportunities this year, brief ideas of touring the UK busking and crashing where-ever and i also have plans to record another EP as ive written 4 new songs! possibly an album by the end of the year. My recent EP has been reviewed here by LeedsMusicScene.net. Ive also finally got round to updating my website so i think ill be doing more of that after looking at the statistics of how many people are actually visiting this site!

24th October - Long time coming! - Its finally finished!! i have the tracks up on the website here. For the time being im debuting them on my website and then ill put up a preview of each song up on youtube, all at the same time as the distribution company make my CD's fit for the public :). Each CD will come in a Clamshell case with a couple NEW style business cards (if they fit) and there will be an original design on the CD that i have designed. Thankyou again to Brad Dobson @ kiwi studios here for producing and mastering my EP. Hope you guys enjoy the tracks! expect tour dates soon ;)

31st May - Where its all at..
After years of pottering around and not doing anything in terms of having something decent enough to sell, I have decided to get myself in the kiwi-studios with good friend Brad Dobson.

So here we are, a good year of 2011 and welcome to my brand spanking new website! Make yourself at home! My tracks should be made available soon after I get myself in the recording studio's in mid July. No doubt I will try my best to organize an EP launch on CD at one of the venues I most enjoy playing at!

More to come!


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