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Callum Macintyre is not the typical born and bred Yorkshire lad. Born in Pontefract he has been a singer/songwriter since he was 13. After picking up his guitar he quickly joined a 2 part band called “Get Fit Flying” with singer Jake West.

Callum joined Pontefract NEW College and took the subjects Law, Maths and ICT. After a year, he decided to restart college and pursue a career in Music. He then joined a new band called “Day Of Absence” which again was a 2 part band with guitarist Adam Murray which allowed him to try his hand at being a lead singer, contrasting acoustic and electric backgrounds into one band. Unfortunately musical differences broke the band up.

From then Callum Macintyre began his solo career busking in Leeds which also lead to several opportunities for paid gigs and being noticed. This quickly lead to youtube videos and breaking into the regular gigging scene.

He has also joined a Heavy Rock band called “Below Zero” becoming the lead singer and showing his ability and range with several different genres. Members including previous guitarist Adam Murray, bassist Joe Vause and drummer Tom Moore.

For now Callum Macintyre is seen regularly busking on the streets of Leeds and Pontefract whilst pursuing his path into the competitive music industry, studying BTEC Music, Photography and Media at A-Level at Pontefract NEW College.

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